Family and Friends—NICU

Resources - Family & Friends NICUAdvice forFamily and Friends of NICU families 

Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation

NICU Do’s and Don’ts

What I Wish Everyone Knew About This Preemie Life

How Can I Help Someone in the NICU? 5 Questions to Consider

My Friend Had A Preemie: How Can I Help?

Support from friends/family and the strain on a relationship

10 Things Not to Say to Parents of Preemies

What Can I Do For My Friend?

Inspirational Word For Mothers of Preemies

How to Understand the NICU language 

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for NICU Families

Preemie Gift Suggestions

Preemie Gift Suggestions from Miracle Bebe

Gift Ideas for NICU Parents

Support for NICU Siblings

Post on having older siblings while in the NICU

Coming Home Soon Coloring Book

Sibling Support – connections with peers who have been through the NICU

Caring for Older Siblings While a Baby Is in the NICU

Coloring Pages

Answering Your Children’s Questions about a Baby in the NICU

What Causes Children Stress: Understanding Children’s Developmental Stages and Common Stressors by Laura Romero

Growing Together: Ways to Involve Siblings in a NICU Experience and After by Laura Romero

We’re a Family Now: Setting Sibling Expectations by Laura Romero

For the Love of Cameron – Siblings and Their Needs by Laura Romero

Don’t Forget the Siblings: Ways to Support the Entire Family During a Hospital Stay by Khris Ford

I’m Special Too: Ways to Help Siblings Feel Important by Laura Romero

Download a list of books we recommend for children

Giving Back

Lily Wraps: Small blanket wraps designed especially for fragile NICU babies.  She has a donation program where you can give back to your local NICU

Donate The Zaky or Kangaroo Zak to hospitals

Preemie clothing and other helpful items

Perfectly Preemie
The Preemie Store
Jacqui’s Preemie Pride
Itty Bitty Me Shoppe
Nurtured by Design: offers the Zaky and the KangarooZak tools for comforting your baby in the NICU.  They offer a matching program where they match your purchase and donate to the NICUs.
Beads of Courage
Wubbanub: soothie pacifier attached to plush animal to keep pacifier in place for baby.
Sweet Pea Exchange: clothing exchange for preemie and newborn clothing through Project Sweet Peas

AvaBaby’s Boutique clothing for preemies and micropreemies

Water Blessing Labels in the NICU

List of Preemie clothing stores online

Preemie Clothing Links