Later Pregnancy Loss/Infant Loss

Resources - Later Loss - Infant LossWe are sorry that your baby died, but we hope that by providing these resources we can offer support and comfort in the coming years.  If you come across a helpful resource that is not listed here, please email us at so we can add it.    

Comfort after a Loss

For Those Who Lost a Baby – A letter written by a babyloss mom about words she would have liked to hear those first few days after the loss of her daughter.
Baby Loss Healing Heart Gifts – products designed to naturally address aching breasts, aching bodies and aching hearts.

Practical Information for Later Pregnancy Loss/Infant Loss

Lactation/Breastmilk donation after Loss

Second trimester miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death brings with it an added trigger of milk production. Typically, 2-7 days after birth, milk production starts and it can not only be a big trigger, but physically painful as well. There are ways to ease the engorgement and transition to drying your milk, or other options that may be a help to your grief.  You can read some ways to ease the discomfort tip here.  There is an excellent pamphlet with more details about Lactation After Loss here.  More Post Loss Lactation Resources here.  For some mothers, it can be very healing to pump their breast milk and donate it to another baby in need.  Breastmilk donated to milk banks is provided to premature babies in NICUs and very ill infants.  It can be lifesaving.  While the idea of pumping can seem too difficult for many mothers, those who feel drawn to the idea usually take great comfort in their ability to put their baby’s milk to use.  If you have been pumping for your baby, it can be extremely difficult to think of discarding your milk.  There are several articles about how donating your breastmilk can be a healing experience here here, and here.  See our Local Resources Page {insert link to Local Resources Page here} for local information regarding breastmilk donation for the Madison area.

Glow in the Woods Article

Faces of Loss resources

Cremation, Burial, Funeral arrangements

The Cremation Option: Healing Through Cremation

Heartstrings Memorial Planning resources

Planning a Memorial Service or Funeral

Thoughts of Burial and Cremation

Burial clothing to purchase

My Very Own Angel Funeral/Memorial Planning

Infant Obituaries – sample infant obituaries

Linda & Gene Farley Center for Peace, Justice, and Sustainability: A natural, green cemetery in Verona, Wisconsin.

How to Plan a Baby’s Funeral– From the Glow in the Woods Bloggers

Burial boxes and gowns: Burial boxes available up to 22 weeks gestation, burial buntings and blankets from 4-26 weeks gestation, burial outfits 16-24 weeks.

How to Write a Child’s Obituary

Tiana Fund Helps with the Financial burden for monuments

Farwell Celebrations

Music, Bible Verses, and Poems to use for Funerals or Farewell Celebrations

Help with Funeral Costs

Mason’s Cause provides Bereavement Grants to help take some of the weight of the financial aspect of losing your child off your shoulders.

Heavenly Angels in Need: offers casket donations for those who are unable to afford the costs of a casket.

Heaven’s Gain – caskets for miscarriage/early stillbirth

Dempsey Burdick Foundation: Provides financial help for costs of headstones.

Scout and Stryker Foundation: Donates sandstone headstones for babies.

Watertown Memorial Company: Donate headstones, must pay small cost for foundation.  Call 920-261-0914

Skylar’s Gift: Tiffany and Stephen Bowen started Skyler’s Gift Foundation to provide financial support to families in need that have lost their newborn infants from complications of premature birth. They believe no one should have to face this loss alone and especially without the needed resources in place.

Wings of Hope: Living Forward has teamed up with a monument company to assist you in your time of financial difficulties after the loss of your loved one. These monuments have been discounted to help our grieving families afford a monument or tombstone for your loved one.

Song lists

Mason’s Cause

Faces of Loss

Healing Songs

Still Standing Online Magazine

Poem/Quote lists

Mason’s Cause

Faces of Loss


Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: NILMDTS administers a network of volunteer photographers that at a family’s request, will come to your hospital or hospice location and conduct a sensitive and private portrait session. The portraits are then professionally retouched and presented to the families on an archival DVD or CD that can be used to print portraits of their cherished baby.  These photographers graciously donate their time and talents to our families and offer services at no cost.

Free 8×8 memory book from Heritage Makers: donates a free 8” x 8” storybook (a $49.95 value) to every family served by NILMDTS.

I Will Hold You in My Heart Forever: A memory book designed specifically for angel babies.

Illuminate: Healing Through Photography, an online course for bereaved parents

Baby Angel Pics: retouching of images

Physical Healing

There was supposed to be a Baby Resources tips for diet, exercise and other healthy ways to promote physical healing

Relax and Let Go Bath Salts

Baby Loss Healing Heart Gifts – products designed to naturally address aching breasts, aching bodies and aching hearts.

Physical recovery information

Emotional Healing

Meditation Cards:  Meditations and affirmations for personal healing, self-acceptance, and self-awareness.

Bible Studies and Devotionals

Illuminate: Healing Through Photography

Depression & Miscarriage

Support for Dads

Faces of Loss

Elm City Dad

Grieving Dads Project 

A Blog for Father’s: When a baby dies

Irishdad’s Blog Resources for Dads

Coping Together

One Miscarriage, One Man, One Woman

Helping a Man Understand Miscarriage

What Can I Say to My Wife?

Multiple Articles specific toward fathers

Men Grieve Too

Miscarriages Hurt Men Too

Please see our Family and Friends – Baby Loss Resource Page for more information regarding support resources for siblings, grandparents, and other family & friends.

Carrying to Term Arritola Family: A Faith based organization providing parental support for families who are facing a diagnosis for their child that is deemed medically fatal.

A Heartbreaking Choice: Pregnancy does not end happily for everyone. We realize that all parents make a loving choice, one they feel is better for their baby. Regardless of the fetal anomaly found, the decision to end a pregnancy is always a difficult one.

Carrying To Term Brochure (PDF): A resource brochure for families who are considering carrying to term after a fatal prenatal diagnosis.

Perinatal Hospice: A Gift of Time: An exhaustive list of resources for parents and caregivers who are seeking support after fatal prenatal diagnosis and are considering continuing their pregnancy, seeking the gift of time.

Be Not Afraid: An online outreach to parents who have received a poor or difficult prenatal diagnosis and faced the decision to continue or terminate their pregnancy. families faced the same decision and chose not to terminate.

Living with Trisomy 13 – perinatal hospice: Information about how perinatal hospice can help, resources from families whose babies were diagnosed with Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18.

My Very Own Angel – Advice on carrying to term.

Poor Prenatal Diagnosis – information and support for parents receiving a poor prenatal diagnosis
A Gift of Time: Continuing your Pregnancy When Your Baby’s Life is Expected to be Brief (Amy Kuebelbeck and Deborah Davis): This book is available to check out at the Madison Public Library.

Perinatal Hospice

Prenatal Partners for Life

Prenatal Diagnosis & Preparing for the birth and/or NICU experience

Loss of Multiples

LAMBS (Loss of All in Multiple Birth): Yahoo email group

CLIMB (Center for Loss in Multiple Births)

Dealing with the loss of a twin Article and links

Twinless Twins International Support Groups

Loss of a Twin Personal Stories

Twinlost A Bereavement Resource list

Twinkle Events Lists of Twinless Twin Events

Academia  A Science Magazine article focusing on twins and and the affects of loss

Specific Support Sites

Variety of Links for Birth Defects and Genetic Conditions

Variety of Links for Pregnancies with a Poor Prenatal Diagnosis (Support for Trisomy 13, 18 and Related Disorders)

Trisomy 13

Trisomy 18

Support for LBWC (Limb Body Wall Complex/Short Cord Syndrome and Body Stalk Anomaly)

SIDS specific resources

Tiny Handprints SIDS survival kit: Request support mailings to be sent throughout the first year.

Facebook group for SIDS

Items To Request in Memory of Your Baby

Robby’s Rabbits: Request a bunny for bereaved parents

Molly Bears: request a teddy bear made especially in memory of your angel(s) with their birth weight.

Dreams of You/Sufficient Grace: The Dreams of You Memory Book, Comfort bears, and baby gowns created for families who have lost a baby.

Memorial Keepsakes, Jewelry

1st Frame – Personalized picture frames

Angel Bracelets – personalized bracelets to remember your child

Angels for Hope – a free crocheted angel for those in need of hope

A Place To Remember – books, cards, memory boxes, ornaments, jewelry, clothing, certificates, baby books

Audrey’s Little Light – customized memorial scrapbook candles

Aurelia Rose Inc. – free personalized video that captures your journey with your child

Baby and Infant Loss Memorial Keepsakes: memorial frames, Memorial cards & annoucements, Sympathy cards, Baby angelversary cards, Baby memorial books.

Photo Restoration

Heartprints Photo Restoration

Baby Angel Pics – photo restoration for your baby’s pics

Beyond Words Designs – words describing your child painted on a canvas and more

Casting Keepsakes – belly casts, clay kits, 3D molds, shadowboxes, ink

Engraved Euniques – engraved tiles and more

Faces of Loss

For Your Tears – Request a handkerchief with “For Your Tears” on it.

Garden Angel Art Works – Stepping stones, glass photo tiles

Glory Babies A to Z – memorial jewelry where purchases go towards creating a personalized necklace for parents who have suffered the loss of a child.

Hanami Prints – purchase memorial jewelry, candles, keepsake boxes, loss birth announcements, Christmas ornaments, charcoal prints.

Fran’s Candles

Heavenly Angels In Need – memory boxes, caskets, burial garments, hats/booties

Heaven’s Gain – caskets for miscarriage/early stillbirth

Heaven’s Gain Memorials – memorial gifts and keepsakes, books of condolence and memory books

Imprint On My Heart – fine fingerprint jewelry

In Our Hearts Photo Pendants – a pendant of wood or glass created to remember your child

Jules Jewelry – variety of jewelry

Just A Cloud Away – scrapbooking, remembrance kit, creating crafts/baskets

La Belle Dame – memorial, fertility, and pregnancy jewelry

Lisa Leonard Designs – handstamped jewelry

Little Angels – keepsakes, jewelry, stones, figurines, candles, books, tear bottles, and much more

Mama Mia – custom handstamped jewelry

Mason’s Cause

Memory Bears – bears created from your own fabric (such as your child’s blanket or clothing)

Metal Stamped Memories ~ handstamped jewelry and ornaments

My Forever Child – remembrance, fertility, pregnancy, awareness, & hand/footprint jewelry, suncatchers, candles, keychains, pins, custom designs

Personalized Custom Creations

Remembering Our Babies Memorial Keepsake Boutique – awareness items, jewelry, decals, books, keychains, suncatchers

Simply Silhouettes – silhouette products and ultrasound art

Sufficient Grace Ministries – Dreams of You memory book, comfort bear, grief support

The Comfort Company – stepping stones, tear bottles, ornaments, memorial trees/rocks, Reunion Heart keepsakes

The Midnight Orange

The Vintage Pearl – custom handstamped jewelry

Things Remembered – personalized engraved keepsakes