Resources - NICUHaving a baby hospitalized in the NICU can be frightening, confusing and overwhelming for parents.  We hope that the resources found on this page will help you find the help and support you might need during your baby’s NICU stay.  

General advice

Beginning the NICU Journey- A Letter to Parents

Miracle Bebe’s NICU dictionary

Free app for NICU words

Common Parent Reactions in the NICU

Your Premature Baby and Child: Helpful Answers and Advice for Parents Book

Preemie Prints: 24 helpful tips for the NICU

10 things to expect in the NICU

Dear New Preemie Parent

Posts every Preemie Parent Should Read

Dear NICU Mum

Preemie Parent Weekly Tips

NICUpedia Frequently Asked Questions

Top Tips for Preemie Parents

Communicating with NICU Staff

A Preemie Parent’s Guide for NICU Staff

Build your own Care Notebook

NICU Glossary

Steps to Becoming a Strong Advocate for Your Baby

Most often, your doctor or nurse will give you your baby’s weight in grams.  Use this conversion chart to translate grams into pounds.

Being an Advocate for Your Baby

NICU Dictionary

NICU Parent Diary page printable

Common Preemie Conditions

Dear NICU Nurse

Who Is Taking Care of My Baby?

NICU Medications

NICU Jargon


All Things Breastmilk Resources

Breastfeeding your Preemie

Pumping Power!

How to Successfully Establish Your Supply While Exclusively Pumping

Transitioning from EP to Breastfeeding

Storing Breastmilk

When Breastfeeding doesn’t work out

Balancing Breastfeeding and Pumping With Our Micropreemie 

When Enough (milk) Is Enough 

Help with Expenses While in the NICU

Preemies Today Financial Resources Page

How to Pay for Your NICU Stay article by Hand to Hold

Paying for NICU care by March Of Dimes

Ronald McDonald House Charities – A foundation that provides a “home-away-from-home” for families so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little or no cost.

Balancing Work and a NICU Stay

NICU resources for Transition to Home

When Can I Take My Baby Home? 

Zoe’s New Beginnings – Provides a complimentary basket of practical, essential items to help make the transition from hospital to home a smooth one

Zoe Rose Transitioning home advice

Project Sweet Peas

5 Myths about Colds, Flu, and RSV by Erika Goyer (NEW)

5 Things Every NICU Parent Should Know…RSV by Erika Goyer (NEW)

Coming Home from the NICU: 10 Things to Tell Your Friends and Family

A Letter for Family and Friends – We’re Coming Home from the NICU: 10 Things We Want You to Know   PRINT

When Your Friend Has a Preemie by Afton Mower

Balancing Work and a NICU Stay by Samantha Pridgen

Keeping My Respiratory-Comprised Child Healthy During RSV Season – One Mom’s Story by Shelley Colquitt

NICU to Home: A Perspective on Feeding Difficulties by Anne Boon

RSV 101: What Every NICU Parent Needs to Know (Includes Video) by Kelli Kelly and Amy Carr

Tips to Stay Well During RSV Season by Dr. Sel Unite

Tips to Creating a Safe Sleep Environment by Erika Goyer & Amy Carr

Advocating for Your Kids: How to Win Friends and Influence Providers by Erika Goyer

What Does a Pediatric Home Health Provider Do? – Skilled Nursing Care at Home

A Parent’s Guide to Home Health Services by Marty Barnes

Life At Home






Protecting your Baby While in Public

10 things to know about coming home

Spanish NICU resources

Preemies Today Spanish Resource Page

Coloring pages for Siblings

March Of Dimes

Cómo pagar por su estadía en la NICU (Nacional)

Cómo pagar por su estadía en la NICU (Texas)

Tener a un bebé en la UCIN por Cook Children’s Centro Médico y

Cuando su bebé nace con un problema de salud  por Cook Children’s Centro Médico y

Guía de apoyo para tí y tu bebé prematuro por La Academia Americana de Pediatría, Fundación de Niños con Defectos de Nacimiento March of Dimes

¿Por qué el Programa Canguro? por La Leche League

Amamantar un bebé prematuro por el doctor G Gremmo-Feger

Aumento de peso y nutrición neonatal

Ayuda para los Bebés Hasta Su Tercer Cumpleaños por NICHCY

Su Bebé y el Sueño Seguro  de SafeKids Austin and the Travis County Medical Examiner

Qué es el Trastorno de Estrés Postraumático o PTSD: Cuándo persiste la tensión de la NICU por Dr. Blaine Carr

NICU Calendar scrapbook in Spanish

Weight conversion chart in Spanish


For the Love of Babies book: Written by Sue Hall, MD.  This is a collection of stories about life in the NICU.

The Complete Preemie Guide to: Surviving the NICU:  e-book to help parents become more familiar with the new and foreign environment of the NICU, find ways of coping with a preterm birth, and harness a greater sense of confidence and control during often difficult and trying times in the NICU.
Narratives from the NICU e-book.

Prayers in the NICU

For Those Who Hold the Littlest Hands: Free NICU downloadable e-book.

Preemie Parent – book and website

Love and Hope in the NICU

Memory Making

Photographing Your Baby in the NICU

Miracle Bebe: Free printables for scrapbooking your NICU experience and also a NICU dictionary

Beads of Courage – An organization dedicated to helping children with serious illness record, tell and own their stories of survival

Socks 4 Surgery – An organization dedicated to providing a keepsake pair of socks to critically ill children.

Mommy Journal

Littlest Peanut: A Journal Milestone Babybook for Preemies

Preemie Book of Memories

Scrapbooking in the NICU

My Kids Inspiration Preemie Scrapbooking

Printable Baby Book pages

Keep a NICU Diary or Journal to Monitor Your Baby’s Changes

Benefits of Keeping a NICU Journal

Free Downloadable Project Sweet Peas NICU Journal

Support from other NICU families

Helping Hand – peer-to-peer support program

Preemie Blog Moms Yahoo! group

Other NICU Resources website written by a NICU nurse to provide information to parents that have or have had a premature baby or a baby in the NICU and seek support from those who have been in a similar situation – as well as empowering parents with the knowledge necessary to make it through the tough times that come along with having a child in the NICU. resources

Hand to Hold

Graham’s Foundation resources

Preemie Mom Blog

Preemie Parents

NICU Parent Support blog

Holding Tiny Hands

March of Dimes In the NICU

Miracle Bebe Resources

Mothers of Supertwins

Preemie Care

Preemies Today

Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation, Living in the NICU

Fetal Hope Foundation – provides support and information on many medical conditions

Learn more about RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus)

Preemie Articles

Life After the NICU blog

Project Sweet Peas Resources while you are in the NICU

Giving Back

Lily Wraps Small blanket wraps designed especially for fragile NICU babies.  She has a donation program where you can give back to your local NICU

Donate The Zaky or Kangaroo Zak to hospitals

Preemie clothing and other helpful items

Perfectly Preemie

The Preemie Store

Jacqui’s Preemie Pride

Itty Bitty Me Shoppe

Nurtured by Design: offers the Zaky and the KangarooZak tools for comforting your baby in the NICU.

Beads of Courage

Wubbanub: soothie pacifier attached to plush animal to keep pacifier in place for baby.

Sweet Pea Exchange: clothing exchange for preemie and newborn clothing through Project Sweet Peas

AvaBaby’s Boutique clothing for preemies and micropreemies

Water Blessing Labels in the NICU

List of Preemie clothing stores online

Preemie Clothing Links

Littlest Lambs: NICU gowns and cuddle nests