Special Ways to Remember Babies at the Holidays

There are some really great things going on to support bereaved parents during what can be a difficult time at the Holidays.  If you are a bereaved parent yourself I encourage you do to something in memory of your baby during this time, and Fran’s 12 days of Christmas (posts from Christmas 2012) has some amazing ideas!

If you are not a bereaved parent yourself but have someone in your life who has experienced the loss of a child this is an important time to let them know that you remember their child.  Most parents are still grieving the loss of their children who are no longer here at the holidays, even if it has been several years since they’ve been gone.  Here is an article on What to Say to a Grieving Family at Christmas.  The Lost For Words Card Line is a simple way to send a message to a grieving family, and the 12 days of Christmas ideas can easily be incorporated as gifts as well.  Carly Marie’s Christmas Beach Wonderland has personalized images you can purchase.  The smallest gesture can make the biggest difference, and acknowledgement that you remember is often enough to help that bereaved parent.