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The one who started it all…

One year ago, Mikayla Grace Terrill, was born into this world.  She is the one who inspires us every day to carry out the mission of Mikayla’s Grace. I knew when we conceived Mikayla that she would change our lives…I just had no idea the impact she would truly have on us and so many […]

Do Not Be Afraid Of Our Tears

I was reminded today of a post that I’d written as a guest blogger last year for Half-Pint Resale as a way to reach out to those who may not have experienced pregnancy or infant loss to help them understand what to do in those situations and I wanted to include it on this website as well. […]

Special Ways to Remember Babies at the Holidays

There are some really great things going on to support bereaved parents during what can be a difficult time at the Holidays.  If you are a bereaved parent yourself I encourage you do to something in memory of your baby during this time, and Fran’s 12 days of Christmas (posts from Christmas 2012) has some amazing ideas! If […]

Mikayla and Chase’s Stocking

We are coming up on the fourth Christmas since we lost our daughter Mikayla and the third since we lost our son Chase.  Bereaved parentsI have expressed how difficult the holidays can be for bereaved parents. I remember that first Christmas all to well, it was so difficult to find joy amongst the grief. I did find […]

March Work Day

Saturday we had over 30 people come to our house to help assemble the donations for this month. We were so touched at all of the family, friends, and Mikayla’s Grace supporters who came to help assemble these donations. So many of the individuals who came to help out are fellow bereaved parents who are […]

October Update

On October 7th we donated 20 NICU care packages, 20 angel memory boxes, 26 baby blankets, 19 burial gowns, 24 preemie clothes, and a book for the NICU library to St. Mary’s Hospital.  This was our second donation to the hospital, and makes our total donations to St. Mary’s 32 angel memory boxes, 40 NICU care […]