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NICU Care Packages

NICU Care Packages

Our NICU Care Packages are given to families who have a baby admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and are expected to have a longer term stay.


The one who started it all…

One year ago, Mikayla Grace Terrill, was born into this world.  She is the one who inspires us every day to carry out the mission of Mikayla’s Grace. I knew when we conceived Mikayla that she would change our lives…I just had no idea the impact she would truly have on us and so many...


Do Not Be Afraid Of Our Tears

I was reminded today of a post that I’d written as a guest blogger last year for Half-Pint Resale as a way to reach out to those who may not have experienced pregnancy or infant loss to help them understand what to do in those situations and I wanted to include it on this website as well....

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