The one who started it all…

One year ago, Mikayla Grace Terrill, was born into this world.  She is the one who inspires us every day to carry out the mission of Mikayla’s Grace.

I knew when we conceived Mikayla that she would change our lives…I just had no idea the impact she would truly have on us and so many others.  We are so thankful for all of the supporters of Mikayla’s Grace who help us in keeping her memory alive and by doing so, ensure that other parents in the same situation we were in one year ago today have special memories with their child(ren).

“A butterfly lights beside us, and for a brief moment it’s glory and beauty belong to our world.  But then it flies on again, and although we wish it could have stayed, we are so thankful to have seen it at all.”

Of course we wish she would have stayed.  But, nonetheless, we are glad to have seen it all.

Happy Birthday Mikayla Grace!
We love and miss you so much, more than words could possibly ever explain. We do believe that the place you are celebrating is far more great than we can even imagine and we know that someday we will be together again.  Thank you for all the gifts you’ve given Daddy and I this last year.  As long as we live, you will live.  As long as we live, you will be remembered.  As long as we live, you will be remembered.  You will live forever in our hearts and will always be our little girl.
Love, Mommy and Daddy

Thank you to those of you who have done acts of kindness in Mikayla’s name.  It truly does make a difficult month so much easier for us to know that others may smile because of the impact of our little girl.  We will still have a few things planned for our Random Acts of Kindness and at the end of the month I will share them all with you.

Today I would like to share a video that Kristie at Anchored by Hope made for Mikayla.